Score It Band - Military Green

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  • Allows you to count rounds/reps conveniently and efficiently
  • Functions during the most strenuous exercises (double-unders, kettlebell work, gymnastics movements, etc.)
  • Simple to use

Score It Band is a wristband counter designed to help keep track of rounds/reps during high intensity training. Score It Band is perfect for amraps and wods with multiple rounds.

Using Score It Band couldn’t be simpler! First, slide the band onto your wrist or forearm. Second, slide the beads from one end of the band to the other as rounds/reps are completed. The innovative design will cause the beads to stay in place.

The band is made from a high quality cotton blend material for comfort and sweat absorption. Robust parts (beads, elastic cords, and rivets) are integrated into the band for functionality and durability.

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Customer Reviews

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I'm terrible with keeping track

I'm terrible with keeping track of my rounds and the score it band solves that problem! So easy, convenient and comfortable during any WOD

Love it.

I was a little skeptical about trying this out in a WOD - thought it might be distracting - and discovered it's anything but! It kept track of all 10 rounds of 50 DUBS and 2 muscle-ups beautifully. There was no slippage of the beads, they stayed perfectly in place. Showed it off to my WOD buddies and they're all excited to order one as well! Truly love it and I'll use it religiously from now on.

Fantastic CrossFit accessory item!

I've used it about 6 different times now and always love it. The beads stay in place once on your wrist - no matter the movement (including DUs)! Super easy to slide the bead and really keeps you moving. It is not distracting and feels very comfortable to wear.

Score It Band OG

Super convenient way of counting rounds and reps. Use it every chance I get. Great customer service and choices. Only thing that could be better is a wrist wrap version.

No more losing track!

Ordering was super simple and I received my band in less than two days after ordering, which is pretty incredible. I've used it in the gym a few times now and it's quick and easy. I no longer lose count in those 10 minute AMRAP workouts. The best part is choosing your colors. Highly recommended.